CR-10S PRO 1.60.71

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CR-10S PRO 1.60.71
CR1-10SPRO 1.60.71 firmware version is based on 1.60.3 version, help to solve the issue below
1 when set the hotbed/ nozzle target temperature to 0 during slicing the model, and the filament detector sometimes is not working.
2. when Auto home, the auto leveling can be done by control the "Z+, Z-" to adjust the distance between the nozzle and the hotbed, thus no need to adjust the sensor knob.
3. Economic is on or off will be shown on the processing page while your printing.
4. compare to the older version, the new version can help print with the size of 300*300*400
5. 1.60.7version: before auto home, the z-axis did not lift up, which may scratch the platform.
1.60.71 version: the Z axis will lift up 5mm then execute auto home.
New Function:
1.the 16 points of the storage data/ZOFFSET will show up when power on the printer.
2. only when you use auto leveling mode, no matter there's G29 in the g-code file or not, it will test the 16 points( before printing, after reach up to the temperature), then start printing. if it is in non-auto leveling mode, it will not have the 16 points test.
Check this link to download the 1.60.71verison firmware and the instruction of CR-10S PRO: 
Creality CR-10S PRO Firmware Upgrade to 1.60.71 Leveling Tutorial